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Internationale Werkstattwoche 2017 Lüben art symposium

Michele Pero is invited to take part at the “Internationale Werkstattwoche 2017” in Lüben, Germany, 21.-30.07.17. The art symposium in Lüben (Wittingen, Germany) happens every two years. It involves many artist from Worldwide and from various art disciplines (photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, and so on). For ten days artists will work in the same location…

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Abandoned Roads S.S. Tiberina 3bis

Abandoned Roads, a new project has begun

Abandoned Roads is a new project started while traveling through an abandoned road which was an important arteria for Italy until the 70’s: the Strada Statale Tiberina 3bis national road. The road of the river Tevere, as the Romans named it, was the only way for the people of Valtiberina (the valley of the river…

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Amnesty International Sicily ‘Voci’ magazine publishes Michele Pero’s photo-essai on Syrian conflict

Amnesty International Sicily kindly asked for some of my photos to be used for a publication about the Syrian conflict. I agreed for a free-of-charge publication of the selected photos displayed on their magazine ‘Voci’, herewith visible: Voci_03-01_gennaio2017-Michele-Pero-Amnesty. This is a little help by my side to the nice people of the Sicilian section of…

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“La Dolce Vita Made in Germany” mostra fotografica di Michele Pero a Wolfsburg

L’Agenzia Consolare d’Italia di Wolfsburg – Ufficio Culturale in collaborazione con Associazione creARTE presentano “La Dolce Vita Made in Germany” mostra fotografica di Michele Pero Galerie Zwischenraum – Schachtweg 5, 38440 Wolfsburg (Germany) dal 23 settembre al 21 ottobre 2016 opening venerdì 23 settembre 2016, ore 18,00 Venerdì 23 settembre alle ore 18 sarà inaugurata…

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Zurueck zu den Wurzeln (Ritorno alle origini) – ‘La Dolce Vita Made in Germany’ exhibition in Uffenheim, Bavaria

Michele Pero – “La Dolce Vita Made in Germany” Zurueck zu den Wurzeln Fotografieausstellung Stadtgalerie – Uffenheim, Germany vernissage: Donnerstag, 17.06.2016,16:00 Uhr Ausstellung vom 17. Juni bis 31. Juli 2016 Nachdem “La Dolce Vita Made in Germany” von Michele Pero in Italien grossen Erfolg hatte, ist es nun eine grosse Freude dass die Ausstellung nun…

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