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When “senior” photographers like me will be past, who will keep classic photography alive? I have opened Art Patrons page because I’m looking for patrons for my work. This art is expensive and I cannot go longer out there without your support. If you can, consider becoming a patron. If you are interested in supporting…

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The Defective Photographer

Launching these days The Defective Photographer. Why defective? Because The kind of photography I’m doing today is as defective as I am. I’ve been committed with perfection for decades. But…what is perfection? Am I perfect? Can I make something perfect? Perfection is very subjective. Who can say he or she is perfect? We all know…

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Camera Work Project

Camera Work Project per la divulgazione delle antiche tecniche di stampa fotografica

Camera Work Project È un progetto di condivisione delle tecniche antiche di stampa fotografica E stampa alternativa fotografica. Le tecniche includono la talbotipia, o calotipia o carta salata, la cianotipia, il Van Dyke, il carbone, il bromolio, la platino-palladiotipia, fino ad arrivare alla stampa alla gelatina d’argento, ultima tecnica di stampa fotografica utilizzata prima dell’avvento…

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