#HalloHaraldHauswald winner photo

#HalloHaraldHauswald contest winner photo!

My picture “Dancers at Mauerpark” has been awarded best photo within the Instagram contest #HalloHaraldHauswald promoted by C/O Berlin and Ostkreuz Agency Berlin. The contest was started by C/O Berlin following the lockdown in Germany, right during the opening of the solo exhibition “Voll das Leben!” by the famous ex-DDR photographer Harald Hauswald. C/O Berlin…

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Michele Pero The Defective Photographer logo

The Defective Photographer

Launching these days The Defective Photographer. Why defective? Because The kind of photography I’m doing today is as defective as I am. I’ve been committed with perfection for decades. But…what is perfection? Am I perfect? Can I make something perfect? Perfection is very subjective. Who can say he or she is perfect? We all know…

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Narita camera 18x24cm by Maison Naert Bruxelles

The Narita camera 18x24cm is on the go

Just finished to restore my new camera, this Narita 18×24 cm camera from Maison Naert Bruxelles, made probably at the beginning of the XX century. I purchased the Narita camera in England. It arrived in a very good shape and it just needed some cleaning and a polish to the wood. I had to remake…

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Camera Work Project

Camera Work Project per la divulgazione delle antiche tecniche di stampa fotografica

Camera Work Project È un progetto di condivisione delle tecniche antiche di stampa fotografica E stampa alternativa fotografica. Le tecniche includono la talbotipia, o calotipia o carta salata, la cianotipia, il Van Dyke, il carbone, il bromolio, la platino-palladiotipia, fino ad arrivare alla stampa alla gelatina d’argento, ultima tecnica di stampa fotografica utilizzata prima dell’avvento…

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