Exhibition opening backstage of 'La Dolce Vita Made in Germany'. Black and white silver gelatin baryta prints. February 28th 2015, at ZAP 'Zona aromatica Protetta', Santa Maria Maggiore church cloister, Florence.

La Dolce Vita Made in Germany

The church of Santa Maria maggiore is one of the oldest churches of Florence. Built even before of the famous town walls. In its cloister, on February 28, my exhibition 'La Dolce Vita Made in Germany' is going to open. I'm proud to start this exhibition in this special location and link my work to Florence this way.

Special thanks go to the persons which made this possible.
First in the row is Alessandro Ricceri, director of 'Artex Centro per l'Artigianato Artistico e Tradizionale della Toscana'. He started the first spark of the exhibition project with an exacting question he put to me a year ago: 'Why don't you hold an exhibition in that placeā€¦?'
Without him, no exhibition would have been possible there. Thank you Alessandro.

That first idea was then reprocessed by Francesco Ricceri, Toc Toc web magazine founder, and sponsored by Lorenzo Zambini, ZAP director, the place where the exhibition is held.

Franco Guardascione needs special thanks. Awarded photojournalist, former colleague of mine at the photo agency, friend. I left him my teaching place at the school TheDarkroom. He's the one I assigned the difficult task to edit my photos of the exhibition, task he took with pleasure. Franco is together with me in the exhibition, because the selection of the photos is of his own. Thank you Franco, one of the best photo editor I know.

Gabriele Polidori and Poligraf printing works are official sponsors of the exhibit. Gabriele curated personally all the prints of the flyers, business cards, posters and catalogue of the exhibit. He has also given a decisive technical support for the practical making of the 20 mountings shown.

And last but not least, a very precious mention to the person which is sharing my life since a couple of years on. I had my last exhibition in 1998 and no one more since then, since today. The non-stop support of the most important person of the life is fundamental, in everything. In 2015 I'm proud to come back to the show with 'La Dolce Vita Made in Germany'. Thank you, Iris.

La Dolce Vita Made in Germany - opening backstage
La Dolce Vita Made in Germany - opening backstage