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My interview on war photography experience

Friday, October 4, 2013 - I have just released an interview on my experience as a war photographer to Michele Foni for the local magazine Echo of the Tiber, which is forthcoming in the Tiber Valley. Following the invitation extended to me by Michele, I had the pleasure to answer his questions that led me to retrace with memory facts and events that took place long ago, as the journeys to the Balkans. And also recent "hot" events as the war in Syria, which is unfortunately a fact still open. It looks like I will get double page instead of the single one expected. The Director Claudio Roselli feels it is a very nice story to be cut. I am so pleased with the compliment and attention I get. Thank you! Echo of the Tiber, in the Umbrian and Tuscan Tiber Valley, from next week, my interview.

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