Michele Pero, Italian professional photographer. Wedding and ceremony photography, advertising and catalogues for business, art craft reproduction for artists, galleries and museums, photojournalism and reportage for publishing industry, art photography and prints. Michele Pero is teacher of Photography at TheDarkroom Photography School of Florence.

Reportage "Syria, the forgotten of Azaz", i

The reportage "The forgotten of Azaz", by Michele Pero, is on line. Made in Syria, at the refugees camp of Azaz, shows the conditions of the war refugees which cannot go back home anymore because their houses have been bombed by Bashar Al Assad and they are not allowed to pass the Syrian border for to enter in Turkey. They are the forgotten of Azaz, an entire people suspended between two Nations, Syria and Turkey. A people that has no more where to live, no more a place where to go. Encamped at border line.

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