Michele Pero, Italian professional photographer. Wedding and ceremony photography, advertising and catalogues for business, art craft reproduction for artists, galleries and museums, photojournalism and reportage for publishing industry, art photography and prints. Michele Pero is teacher of Photography at TheDarkroom Photography School of Florence.

In the Lands of the Eagles

During the festival Esplorazioni of Sansepolcro, on July 2nd, Michele Pero will present his last video "In the Lands of the Eagles", produced with his pictures taken from the 90's till today in Albania and Kosovo.
The video is about the history of the Albanian people from the fall of the Communist regime to the big economic crisis of 1997 when the collapse of the financial piramids yielded civil war, until the present times of a new rebirth of the country.
A chapter is dedicated to the tragedy of Kosovo, with the protests for a social equity to the oppression of Slobodan Milosevic's Serbian regime, UCK and the civil war that followed.
This video is an historical document and also a message of hope, that soon the social peace can come true for all our cousins of the other side of the Adriatic Sea, so close, so far.

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