Photoreportage by Michele Pero, professional photographer and photojournalist. Photojournalism, advertisement photography, commercial photography, wedding photojournalism, Florence, Italy. Photographs and features from Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Umbria earthquake, fakir dervishes, the nomadic of the wind and more. Michele Pero is teacher of photography at TheDarkroom, photography courses and multimedia school of Florence.

Walk 4 children of Syria in Bologna

Official photo gallery of the Walk 4 children of Syria in Bologna, international walk held on many towns worldwide for to highlight attention on the conditions of the children of Syria. Due to Assad's regime, many children are in danger as many die under the shots and the bombs. At the present time, Syrian people worldwide, as well as citizens from all over the world are asking our media and our governments to act to bring the Syrian tragedy to the attention of the public opinion in order to act to stop the civil massacres in Syria.Michele Pero, assigned to cover the event in Bologna, November 17, worked as a freelance volunteer for this project, together with his collaborator Paolo Crobu which was in charge to make a docu-film out of the event (under editing at this time). The photographs of this web gallery are free share for the media and for the organizations involved in pursuing this goal. Just use them and please credit the author as Ph. Michele Pero. Thank you.Downloadable photos are at: downloadable archive for 17 November

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