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Syria - Halep ghost town under bombings

Downtown Halep, quarters of Bustan al-Pasha and Sakhour, December 2012. The town is partially controlled by the brigades of the Free Syria Army. Snipers hidden in isolated buildings oblige to fast crossing the large and open avenues. Some people try to continue their normal life in downtown, still occupying their houses, even if the majority have been left to the refugees camps towards the borders of the country.
MIGs and helicopters by Bashar Al Assad regime are continuously releasing rockets and barrel-bombs over the buildings. A quick look at the sky, some strikes, the blast and gray smoke lifts not too far from where we are. Another building hit, some people wounded and injured will be soon added to the list.
Daily life in Halep is pretty scary. The regime is now releasing big barrels filled with explosive. They release these bombs over the town, wherever they like. No targets are aimed. They through them here and there. No one can be safe in any shelter. Shelters actually won’t work. Halep is a very ancient town and its buildings are really weak. In spite of that some citizens are still keeping their homes here, still trying to lead a normal life, together with the rebels of the Free Syria Army which fight on two front lines: one against the regular forces of the regime, one other against the Kurds minority which supports the regime. In the middle, them, the citizens of Halep, trying to survive in a ghost town, partially destroyed, under the daily bombings of such a craziness.

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