Photoreportage by Michele Pero, professional photographer and photojournalist. Photojournalism, advertisement photography, commercial photography, wedding photojournalism, Florence, Italy. Photographs and features from Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Umbria earthquake, fakir dervishes, the nomadic of the wind and more. Michele Pero is teacher of photography at TheDarkroom, photography courses and multimedia school of Florence.

Syria - A step away from Heaven

Wounded and injured people arrive every day from the Syrian border to Kilis. They can have a first rescue at the Sağlık Bakanlığı Kilis Hospital in Turkey, right after the border. Some of them are rebels and fighters with the Free Syria Army. Some others are just civilians which were in the wrong place at the wrong moment. Their stories are weird. Who was sitting at the barber shop when the bomb blasted, who was buying fruit a the local bazar, who was just walking on the street with friends now dead, who was driving his car when the MIG arrived to bomb the street. Others, the fighters of the FSA, were wounded during battles, such as the boy just arrived with an injure to his right arm. He was fighting in downtown Halep right on December 7th when a bomb hit very close his area. An electric pole felt down, hitting some of them. The electric wire burned his arm. He’s going to be taken to a more specialize hospital for injuries due to bursts.In a building very close to the Kilis Hospital there is a Syrian hospital for the convalescence of other wounded civilians and rebels. They have found a place here for to stay until they will be able to walk on their own legs again. Others are waiting for their new artificial legs. They will need to learn how to walk with them before to leave the hospital.A step away from Heaven. Some of them don’t know if they will survive the difficult surgery operations they have to undergo. Some others will go fighting again, as soon as their conditions will allow them to do so. Some of them will probably soon go to join the other stars on the sky of martyrdom for the freedom of Syria.

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