Photoreportage by Michele Pero, professional photographer and photojournalist. Photojournalism, advertisement photography, commercial photography, wedding photojournalism, Florence, Italy. Photographs and features from Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Umbria earthquake, fakir dervishes, the nomadic of the wind and more. Michele Pero is teacher of photography at TheDarkroom, photography courses and multimedia school of Florence.

The whirling dervishes

Musical traditions of Turkey. The ceremony of the whirling dervishes (Nasir Dede Abdülbaki Ayin in makam Acembuselik - Sema Ensemble Asitane - Kemal Karaoz, music director) The ceremony of the whirling dervishes is the particular Ottoman turkish outcome to a spiritual practice called SAMA', founded in the ninth century in the area of Iranian Sufi circles. In the sama' of the Mevleviye brotherhood, better known in the West as the "whirling dervishes", merge the singing of the verses of mystical topic, the music, expressed according to the forms of Ottoman art music, and the movements of the dervishes spinning on their themselves.

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