Photoreportage by Michele Pero, professional photographer and photojournalist. Photojournalism, advertisement photography, commercial photography, wedding photojournalism, Florence, Italy. Photographs and features from Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Umbria earthquake, fakir dervishes, the nomadic of the wind and more. Michele Pero is teacher of photography at TheDarkroom, photography courses and multimedia school of Florence.

The fakir dervishes of Prizren

Ancient Shiite rituals were brought into the Balkans in the 15th century during the Ottoman invasion and dominion and have been kept intact up till our day, representing a parallel and very deep-rooted Islam amongst the people.
In the town of Prizren in Kosovo there is the tariqa Rufai. To celebrate the Newroz or Nevruz, the beginning of the new year which coincides with the arrival of spring, all the dervishes in the area meet up here to celebrate a propitiatory ritual. The ritual lasts five hours and is extremely exacting. The followers must go through a great test of physical and mental exertion. The dervishes pray, dance and sing and try to attain a state of trance. At the culmination of the ritual the feats of Fakirism take place. Whilst some of the dervishes play and sing, the shaikh takes long skewers and begins to pierce the mouths of the dervishes who willingly undergo this test, beginning with the children.
The older dervishes, the braver and more expert, are pierced with a real sword. A blade is placed on their throat and the shaikh climbs on top of it. The ritual ends when the dervishes remove the skewers. Just a few drops of blood appear on their cheeks.

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